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Since the birth of computer graphics to digital photography

Digital photography is one of the latest it applications, so that in this respect it may be useful to try to rebuild the technological path that led to the creation of computer graphics, which is that node from which all those applications that have somehow to do with graphics: from videogames to medical thermography, and engineering projects , not less, to digital photography. In the 1960s on the walls of many locals that housed computers, made a fine show of themselves, faces or abstract designs printed on paper, and this thanks to much expensive than bulky machinery, which almost have nothing more to do with the current personal computers. Those images, albeit devoid of aesthetic value or practical, were the first experiences in the field of creative computer graphics. In 1943, during World War II, a U.S. Army Colonel proposed designing a computing equipment for artillery. The challenge was collected by the University of Pennsylvania and "the unit" was introduc