My name is Gaetano Caldarola, I graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venezia. My passions are Painting, graphic-design and photography.
I combined the artistic knowledge developed through years of practice and research with technical knowledge , ranging from the video graphics to digital printing, painting and engraving, from webdesign to graphic interfaces to multimedia titles.
The contamination of the arts is the prominent feature in my work. Painting is combined with photography and computer graphics. From pure decoration to “alternative” pictorial representation. From portraits to the figurative to the abstract for a 360 degree research.

When I was still a student, my teacher told me:  " work on the graphic interface, that's the future"
It was 1993.  After Graduated in 1996, I started working as designer in web and multimedia projects, developing  user graphic interfaces, working on html code and photo manipulation.

On 2001 I changed my job and I was hired by a Industrial Photography Studio where I was responsible of the transition from Analog to Digital Photography. When the final purpose is high quality commercial press prints, each photo has to be digitalized or shoot in Digital. Digital cameras and digital backs were still not developed and the quality was not comparable with large format films, anyway we still could have nice prints from 6 mpx digital back.

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